I Daddy: A Finding Me Interlude

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About I Daddy

After seeing Joey lying in a hospital bed, Derek knows the truth. He’s no good for Kat or Joey. Gathering his courage–or cowardice–he leaves.

Determined to find work, he ends up in Williams, Arizona, with an eccentric boss, who offers him a place to stay… if he can get past Betsy the guard mule. Derek works hard, growing his boss’ business and making friends along the way. But no matter what Derek does, thoughts of Joey continue to pummel his mind. Will he ever see his son again? Can he make the necessary changes in his life?

A story filled with the heartache of a father wanting to change and the love of others willing to see past his insecurities, I Daddy invites readers of the Finding Me Series to discover what happens to Derek. Whether it’s good or bad? That’s for you to decide.

I Daddy is best read after I NOT David, but can stand on its own if the reader desires.

Note from the author

Most books have a hero, someone who ultimately makes the choice the readers want. I Daddy leaves the decision to feel about Derek as readers choose. It is an interlude. A middle that can stand on its own. It is not an end or a sequel.

I promise a happy ending for Kat. Her story continues in I NOT Buddy and I Joey, the remaining two books in the Finding Me Series.

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