About Kameo

Kameo Monson grew up in Glendale, Arizona, where she picked cotton on the way to school through her kindergarten year and smelled orange blossoms on the way to church through junior high. The first time her husband, McKay, drove an hour across the Phoenix Valley to pick her up for a date, he thought she’d be surrounded by farmland. Unfortunately, most of that had been built up a decade previous.

When Kameo was still young, her parents allowed one family dog at a time, despite her begging. McKay has a harder time saying no. That’s why they house three dogs, a cat, two guinea pigs, and four lovable rats. The fish is his. Kameo and her husband reached twenty-eight years of wedded bliss in June of 2023. They have four children, who range in age from adult to mid-teen.

Though Kameo studied music for two years at the local community college (before meeting McKay), she found her place within the literary arts. With a certificate in editing, she owns and operates KMonson Editing Services, where she helps others reach their literary dreams.

Pine and aspen trees regularly call to Kameo from the Mogollon Rim, and whenever possible, she escapes to the mountains with dreams of becoming a reverse snowbird.

Kameo the Mom

Married 28 years and a mom to four, Kameo keeps herself busy loving her family completely. With three adult children and one nearly grown teenager, she still loves spending time with her family and visiting interesting places: the woods, the desert, or a museum. Wherever she is, Kameo will share her “knowledge” and family members will groan at her misplaced jokes.

Kameo the Hobbyist

Music is important to Kameo, and she enjoys singing, playing the piano, and composing. She also dabbles in painting.

Her pets are also a big part of her life. Friends often refer to her house as a zoo, and in her case, they are referring to the actual animals! That makes Kameo’s zoo-keeping a hobby, right?

Kameo Monson: Author

Kameo the Author

Today Kameo enjoys writing. Lots of new ideas have pricked her mind since finishing When Love Is Lost, and with the Finding Me Series and Little Bird’s Lullaby complete, she’s working on getting a few more down on paper! Of course, her dream is to write all of her stories, preferably while relaxing in the forest surrounded by greenery, a sparkling stream, and a gentle breeze.