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I began editing professionally in 2012 as a blog editor. In 2018, most of my time was spent focusing on my first and second books. By January 2019, I had contracted as an editor with a New York editing company, where I worked on various projects.

My Editing Method

As an editor, I use the Chicago Manual of Style but understand that authors occasionally prefer alternatives to the general guidelines. That’s why I follow my client’s lead when it comes to controversial guidelines surrounding some punctuation and grammar choices.

I explain my editing suggestions in the comments before returning the manuscript. That way, the client can understand my reasoning and make the final decisions. I don’t accept all of my editor’s suggestions, and I don’t expect my clients to either.

Unlike many editors, if an author revises or makes additions to their manuscript, I am willing to revisit those sections at no additional cost. I am also available for any editing questions authors may have.

I offer complimentary edits on the first 2,500 words. If a manuscript appears to require fewer edits than the average manuscript, I will offer one of my discounted packages (listed below).

My goal is to help perfect my client’s manuscript without compromising their voice. I value my editor and strive to offer exceptional services so my clients can value theirs. However, if I am not the right fit, I will happily recommend other skilled editors.

What I accept

I am proficient at editing fiction, memoirs, and less-technical nonfiction.

I do not accept the following:

  • Gruesome horror (suspense is fine)
  • Erotica, including books with one or two sex scenes (off-page is fine)
  • Sexually-based nudity or explicit description of the “bikini” body parts.

Editing and Proofreading for Fiction and Memoirs

All services include the following:

  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Clarity of text
  • Plotline holes
  • Section/addition revisits
  • Consistency checks
  • Other, as seen fit by editor

Premium edit:

Available for all manuscripts.

$0.01/word 20% off ($0.008/word: a limited-time offer)*

Full edit:

Available for manuscripts with limited grammar, clarity, and flow errors; price is extended after a sample edit.

$0.0085/word 20% off ($0.0068/word: a limited-time offer)*


Available for professionally copy-edited manuscripts or for manuscripts with minimal typo, punctuation, and grammar errors; price is extended after a sample edit.

$0.007/word 20% off ($0.0056/word: a limited-time offer)*

Editing and Proofreading for Nonfiction

Full Edit:

Available for all less-technical nonfiction texts.

Includes the following services:

  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Clarity of text
  • Consistency checks
  • Repeated information grouping/regrouping
  • Basic formatting (bulleted lists, text boxes, proper citations)
  • Online reference checks

$0.015/word 20% off ($0.012/word: a limited-time offer)


Available for professionally copy-edited manuscripts.

Includes the following services:

  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Clarity of text
  • Formatting checks

$0.01/word 20% off ($0.008/word: a limited-time offer)


Please contact me via email [email protected] to check availability.

For your convenience, I have included a sample of the KMonson Editing Contract.

*After book one, remaining books in a series will receive a 10% discount.

Author Testimonials

A writer friend recommended Kameo to me.

After Kameo sample-edited a few chapters, I decided to work with her as well. It was the best decision I could have made. I wrote a personal development book (my first to publish), and I needed to put the right foot forward and into the published writers’ world.

Kameo put a lot of heart into her work and walked the extra mile for me, which feels very supportive and loving. It’s crucial to work with a skilled and experienced editor who is also a remarkable human being and cares about your work as much as her own. She kept my author’s voice throughout my writing and improved my manuscript so much. And not only in terms of grammar accuracy and punctuation. She offered synonyms and extra versions for some phrases that lacked clarity, caught some other types of errors, and made my writing smooth, increasing its readability.

I highly recommend Kameo, and I’m looking forward to working with her again in the future! A five-star editor.

Edina Birea, author of How to be as Confident as a Stage Performer

Kameo was a pleasure to work with. On several different occasions, after she edited my book, I had questions, and she was polite, helpful, and willing to help me make it the best-finished copy I could. She worked quickly, but carefully, and was reasonably priced. I will be using her services in the future.

Jenny Rabe, author of the Fake Engagement Collection


Kameo was amazing to work with. She was on time with deadlines and prompt to answer back any questions I had. She was meticulous with her edits and gave great constructive feedback. She definitely has an amazing grasp on grammar and punctuation as well as knowing the difference between essential changes and optional ones. I really appreciated the time she took to explain some of her suggestions, how she gave alternate word options, as well as left comments showing her engagement with the story. Overall, an incredibly positive experience. My book definitely feels more complete having had her eyes on it!

Sarah Lynn Gardner, author of the Evedon Legacy series

Kameo did a fantastic job editing my novella! I appreciated her suggestions and her comments. Her suggestions spanned from basic grammar to word choice to flow and clarity. She was very thorough, and I could tell she knew her stuff! Her communication was quick, and she was willing to help with questions and rewrites even after the project was complete! I definitely recommend her!

JA Curtis, author of the Faerie Warriors series


Kameo Monson is FABULOUS as an editor. I’ve had the great pleasure of working with her twice now, and both times I was extremely impressed and pleased with her work. I love that she comments when she really loves a section of text. The editing process can be degrading for some authors, but Kameo does a wonderful job making sure to build you up as a writer and polish your story as an author. Her editing style is FANTASTIC as well.

I’ve never felt stupid when reading her edits (and let me tell you, I’ve made some really silly mistakes). All of her comments are very professional and kind. She’s incredibly FLEXIBLE with the needs of the author and does her absolute best to help them succeed. Also, she 100% knows her stuff. She helped correct some mixed tense issues with my manuscript. I’d mixed up some British and American English rules, and she totally caught them before print! I cannot recommend her enough. She’s exactly what any author would want in an editor. Skilled and fair. Talented and kind. Flexible and determined. LOVE, love, love working with her! I would seriously be depressed if I wasn’t able to work with her. She is absolutely ONE OF A KIND!

Rebekah Carroll, author of the Defenders of Radiance series.

I received a recommendation for Kameo and her KMonson Editing Services from a writing group that I belonged to. As an emerging writer, recommendations are crucial to help navigate through the good and bad. I am so glad I decided to work with Kameo for my debut book. She provided professional editing, recommendations to help me grow as a writer, and she was very pleasant to work with. Her services were complete and reasonably priced. Her recommendations helped me get my story across to my readers most effectively. I recommend her highly and look forward to using her services again with my next book.

Tammy B. Tsonis, author of Lost Among the Tide.

I’ve never had a professional editor before, given I’m a new author, so I feel like I lucked into meeting Kameo. I found her through a Facebook group and jumped on the opportunity to work with her. She is God-sent, I promise you. Her edits are spectacular and pristine, and she takes her time to go through every error without making you feel inept or inadequate. I’ve improved as a writer exponentially since I began working with her. Nothing evades her watchful eyes. She also really gets involved with the story, and I love her little, cute comments she makes among the edits. She’s very kind, professional, and thorough. I would recommend her services to everyone and anyone, and wouldn’t trade her for anyone else.

Kala Merseal, author of the Shadow Curse Series.

10 thoughts on “Editing Services

  1. I highly recommend Kameo. Another author friend recommended her to me. She has an excellent editing style and has helped raise my manuscripts to a professional level, ready for agents and publishers. I’ve appreciated her prompt and professional communication and look forward to continuing to work with her.

  2. Love, love, love working with Kameo! I’ve worked with dozens of people throughout my career and by far Kameo gives the BEST feedback! One thing that always drives me crazy when I work with other people is that sometimes, because they’re critiquing through a document, they feel like they can say whatever they want and be rude. Kameo isn’t that way ever! I’ve sent her some pretty garbage scenes (lol), and she’s always incredibly polite and fabulous at figuring out how to turn the scene into something amazing! I will never stop singing her praises. She’s fantastic.

  3. I really enjoyed working with Kameo and felt our styles complimented one another. Her grammatical knowledge and comments were spot on! I feel my manuscript is now ready to publish and am confident it will be well-received.
    Thank you, Kameo. I will be calling with my next novel.

    1. It was wonderful working on your project with you, Lauren. Thank you for your review of my work. I look forward to working with you again.

  4. I’ve been very pleased with Kameo’s professional and prompt service. She is very personable and I helpful during the process. I highly recommend her service and find that her pricing is also very reasonable and affordable.

  5. I was referred to Kameo by my friend, Jenny Rabe when my previous editor was unavailable. She got to work in a timely manner and delivered my manuscript by the date promised. Not only did I enjoy working with Kameo, but I was pleased with her skills and her professional manner. I really appreciated her willingness to edit my cover blurb that I submitted to her weeks after I’d received my edited manuscript and paid for that service. Her skills with polishing my cover blurb was perfect and priceless.

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