Writing has always interested me. As a teenager and young adult, I spent many years keeping a journal and writing to two or three different pen pals simultaneously. In my late thirties (which wasn't that long ago), I entered the blogging world as a product review blogger for OMG Goodies. Though comfortable with essays, reports, and letter-writing, the thought of writing fiction eluded me until When Love Is Lost floated into my mind. That was when I set out on my book-writing journey. Thousands of words later, and a new dream realized, I found myself with a new title: author.


Kameo Monson: Author

Kameo The Mom

Mom to four, I've kept myself busy loving them completely. Though this picture was taken Christmas morning at home, we love to spend time together visiting interesting places—usually a museum.

Kameo Monson: Author

Kameo The Hobbiest

Music is important to me, and I enjoy singing, playing the piano, and composing. I also dabble in painting. My pets are also a big part of my life. I'm why we have three dogs, a cat, a Guinea pig, a hamster, a rat, and a bird that won't leave his cage.

About Kameo Monson: Author

Kameo The Author

Today I enjoy spending time writing. Lots of new ideas have floated into my mind since finishing the first draft of When Love Is Lost. My dream is to write them all, preferably while relaxing in the forest during the summer.